MAGAZINE :Kate Humble looks at one of the world’s most up and coming destinations

Nearly the same size as Germany and with its natural landscape, undisturbed nature, sandy white Indian Ocean beaches and dramatic mountain scenery, Oman is the oldest independent state in the Gulf and is full of vast layers of 5,000 years of history and tradition...and yet we still don’t know as much as we should about it.

Travel guide to Oman.
Travel guide to Oman.

The country’s welcoming population greets over 2.5 million travellers per year. And as word of Oman’s wonders spreads across the British press, around 133,000 of those visitors are now from the UK and over 7500 from Ireland (an increase of 10% and 21%).

Oman is a place where modern development peacefully coincides with truly ancient architecture, culture and heritage – ideal for family holidays, year round climate, great deals for summer getaways, luxury resorts, boutique hotels and spas, 3 x 18 hole golf courses, sailing, diving and dolphin watching - and is a world away from its neighbours, offering a truly unique style of holiday where beauty has an address.

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Through deliberate and sustainable development, the country remains firmly rooted in its traditions. A trip to Oman affords the chance to experience the timeless Arabian way of life. Moreover, visitors will revel in the natural beauty of a country that purveys its own brand of low impact tourism.

Watch the video where TV presenter Kate Humble gives her guide to this up and coming destination.

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