MAGAZINE: Online panel debate on the official licensing of the morning-after pill for use by girls under 16

The morning-after pill has been officially licensed for use by girls under 16 for the first time and is set to be available from pharmacies across the country.

Health and Wellbeing

EllaOne, which is effective five days after sexual intercourse, has received a change of licence from the European medicines agency, which means it is available for use by any woman of reproductive age in Europe.

A new survey that was released recently reveals that parents would prefer their son or daughter to have greater access to contraceptives from a pharmacist, rather than having to make an appointment with a GP.

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As a parent the topic of how to approach sex education can be a minefield.

Whose responsibility is it? Is it yours, your child’s school or do you actually find yourself hoping an older sibling will sit them down to discuss the birds and the bees?

The video addresses many of the questions.