MAGAZINE: Video reveals future innovations of health and care, wellbeing and transformation

Without modern technology the planet would support less than one billion people. With an ageing population, increasing urbanization and a continued need for improvements in wellness and wellbeing the requirement for innovations of the future to make a real difference to people’s lives has never been more vital.

Future innovations of health and care

A new report – Future Technologies of Health, Transformation and Wellbeing – delves in to how innovation will continue to meet our demands and impact these three key areas of our lives.

The report, authored by Futurologist Peter Cochrane in partnership with Philips Innovation also looks at how innovation has and does influence health, care and wellbeing.

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From wearable sensors that can detect the early onset of some cancers to vertical farms to a possible career as a truth engine expert?

Future innovations of health and care

Watch the video to see more of what future technologies might look like and hear from Peter about how far away from these technologies and advancements we really are.

- Technology is gradually easing us away from ‘mass medicine and treatment’ into a more focused world of personalised medicine targeted at the individual, whether that be at home or in public hospitals.

- Today, material, food, water and energy waste is extreme but ‘Clouds of Things’, where everything is tracked, has sensors, and can communicate, will go a long way to seeing drastic reductions.

- Within the next 25 years, jobs such as bankers, receptionists, call centre and warehouse operatives, will become redundant, with occupations such as cyborg engineers and crime predictors becoming common-place