Magic helped my Tourette’s

sam jones
sam jones

A MAGICIAN and comedian who also suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome says his condition is greatly improved when he is performing.

And despite having only just turned 19, Sam Jones, from Seaford, is staging his second solo show at the Barn Theatre, called Tics and Tricks, on Friday November 11.

He already has around 100 shows under his belt, including weddings, parties and corporate events.

Sam was diagnosed with Tourette’s, aged nine.

He caught the magic bug when he saw a magician perform at his friend’s birthday party when he was four.

Sam said: “I watched him and I really really enjoyed it.

“I wanted to be him because he could make people laugh and could make all my friends laugh.”

Sam performed his first magic show at primary school, aged five and by the time he was 11 he performed his first paid gig and today he is determined to make it as a magician in the cut throat world of entertainment.

His show involves close up, sleight of hand, stand up and comedy songs.

Before Sam discovered magic, symptoms of his Tourette’s included swearing, but he found performing toned his tics down and helped him overcome them.

His friend Ben, from Lewes, who he met while at Sussex Downs College, is promoting the gig for him. If tickets do well they may even stage another show on November 18.

Tickets cost £5 for students and £7.50 for adults. For tickets call 07809 619375 or email

The gig starts at 7.30pm. To see Sam perform visit his website