Mains water leak in Buxted

PRECIOUS mains water has been gushing down a road in Buxted for a month.

Ian Thomas from Park View contacted the Express to describe five failed attempts to get the leak staunched.

He said the ‘little stream’ is still running down the hill, asking what more he can do to persuade South East Water to fix the leak.

“It’s a criminal waste of water.”

Ian discovered the leak on April 16 and tried to report it straight away but found the office closed.

He reported it by email on April 17, followed by another phone call on April 18.

He went on: “An engineer arrived later that day, identified the leak in the water meter housing and assured me contractors would attend.

They did, but it was 10pm the following Saturday.

There are older people living nearby so they agreed that digging up the footpath in a quiet residential area would be a major disturbance.”

Engineers told Ian they would come back later but three weeks, three more phone calls and a further visit later, there was still no repair.

He said: “We read about the warmest April in decades, a lack of rain, possible hosepipe ban, farmers and gardeners crying out for water – this is a criminal waste.”

A spokesman said the company is aware of the leak which is due for repair in the next 24-48 hours.

The leak is in a communications pipe connecting the mains to the stop tap or meter.

He went on: “After the initial report we attended very promptly on site at 10pm but because of disturbance to neighbours we rescheduled the repair We accept this has taken longer than it should have so can only apologise for delay and inconvenience caused to our customers.”