Make Newhaven West Beach your valentine at protest

Newhaven West Beach
Newhaven West Beach

Valentine’s Day will take on a whole new meaning as campaigners stage a protest on Saturday February 15 at Newhaven’s West Beach.

Residents who love their beach are being invited to bring along a Valentine’s Day token to attach to the barriers such as a drawing on paper, a cardboard heart or a Valentine’s card.

Protest organiser Heather McLean, from We Love Newhaven, said: “How much do you love your beach?

“We love the beach enough to make her our 2014 Valentine.

“We would like to invite you to wrap up warm and bring a Valentine’s token of love to attach to the currently heartless barriers that still remain.

“The knickers to NPP protest still stands, and of course Valentine’s drawers would be very appropriate.”

Heather added: “We would like to show our beautiful beach that even though winter is here we have not forgotten her and we would love it if as many people turned up to this as turned up in the summer.”

Residents are asked to ensure all tokens are biodegradable and remember to bring hot drinks.

The protest will begin at 1pm at the West Beach.

Newhaven’s sandy beach has been closed to the public since 2008 by the French owners Newhaven Port and Properties due to health and safety concerns.

Since then the beach has been the subject of a long and bitter battle between Newhaven Town Council and Newhaven Port and Properties. The town council wants the beach to be open to the public and the owners.

This follows a series of protests by residents.