Make your own Albion style steak and ale pie

Steak and Ale Pie
Steak and Ale Pie
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MY BOYFRIEND Ben is a huge Albion fan and as a result has been eyeing up the Albion pies in our local Co-op. Inspired by this, I decided to make my own steak and ale pie for him.

Here it is complete with a seagull I fashioned to go on the top! And what a fab Sunday dinner it was.

The gravy was rich, flavoured with a golden local ale and the stewing steak was melt in your mouth tender.

I tried to find Harveys in my local supermarket, but to my horror they didn’t stock it.

I’m going to be writing to them and suggesting they start, that’s for certain sure.

Instead I used Arundel’s Sussex Gold, which had a delicious hoppy flavour.

Apart from tasting lovely and being incredibly comforting, the pie was cheap too!

I reckon dinner worked out as about £1 a portion, which I think is pretty good, given how delicious it was. Here’s how to make your own.

tick to the value range at the supermarket to keep the costs down with this one.

Note: stewing steak requires slow and gentle cooking for at least two hours, three if you can manage it. Believe me it’s worth it! If you don’t cook it long enough it will be tough as old boots.

Make the pie filling in the morning, then put in the fridge once cooled to use later, or time may run away with you!

Ingredients (serves 4):

500g stewing steak, diced

A big onion, sliced

Two garlic segments, finely chopped

Eight mushrooms sliced

Two beef stock cubes

Half a bottle of golden ale

Teaspoon tomato puree

Tablespoon flour

Ready made puff pastry


Put the beef into a big pot and gently fry. When it’s brown add the onions and fry until golden, then the mushrooms and garlic. When the mushrooms are brown, stir in the flour to coat everything. Boil the kettle for the stock. You’ll want to make about a pint to cover the beef. Add that to the pot, with the ale and puree. Now put it on a low heat and cook slowly for about two hours with the lid off so the liquid reduces. The addition of the flour will help the sauce to thicken too.

When it’s ready put it into a pie dish and cover with your ready made puff pastry lid. Cook for about half an hour on about 180 degrees.

Goes well with mash or roast potatoes and peas and carrots