Man filmed kicking Seaford cliff edge above nesting birds – video

The owner of a boat tour company has captured shocking footage of a man stood perilously close a cliff edge in Seaford.

Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 4:30 pm

The video, taken by Paul Burns from Maverick Boat Adventures on Saturday, shows the man kicking loose rocks at the edge of the cliff near Splash Point – just metres above nesting kittiwake birds.

It was not far from where a ‘significant’ rockfall took place several weeks ago – see photos here.

Mr Burns said: “I was just thinking – he’s an idiot.

A still image of the man at the cliff edge - taken from the video by Paul Burns

“He’s got all these rocks next to him falling down.

“It’s so unstable up there.

“He had his hands in his pockets while he was doing it.”

He feared it could have caused disturbance to the kittiwakes below.

“They only come here once a year, it’s the only place on the south coast they go to,” he said of the birds. “This time of year they go to build their nests.”

It is not the first time that Mr Burns, from his vantage point on the sea below, has filmed people taking their life into their hands by venturing too close to the cliff edge.

“We are always seeing and filming really mental stuff you wouldn’t expect to see. It’s just crazy,” he said.

“Every single time I go round there I see people right on the edge, filming or taking pictures.”

The stretch of coast sees hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

One solution might be to put up more warning signs – though he admitted this would be ‘a massive eyesore’.

“It’s just common sense really,” he said. “I wouldn’t go near any cliff like that.

“Everyone from the local towns knows not to go near those edges.”

He added: “It’s called Splash Point for a reason.”

Earlier this year, East Sussex County Council warned people to stay safe around the cliffs.

It said there had been 50 cliff falls in East Sussex during the last year alone due to chalk breaking away from the cliffs and falling onto the beaches or into the sea.

“If you’re heading out for a coastal walk this weekend, stay away from cliff edges and bases,” a spokesman said.