Man’s clumsy best friend can break the bank

Dogs are clumsiest pets
Dogs are clumsiest pets

They say they are man’s best friend, but a new study reveals that dogs are the clumsiest, naughtiest and most accident-prone pets in the South East, with one in five (19 per cent) of pet owners in the region claiming their pet has damaged a device.

New research from protection-plan provider SquareTrade found animal accidents cost British pet owners to repair damaged property £274 per pet-owning household.

In the survey, pet owners claim the clumsiest animals are dogs, followed by cats, rabbits, parrots and finally hamsters, which are notorious for chewing through cables.

The study also reveals that:

chewing, biting or slobbering over household appliances account for 60 per cent of damage; almost one in six (13 per cent) of pets break devices by spilling a drink on it or knocking it down the toilet; three per cent of pets destroy belongings by vomiting or even urinating on them.

One woman surveyed has a parrot that broke her headphones by gnawing through the cable, and another owns a dog that smashed her mobile phone by cracking the screen with its paw!

More than a third of owners (40 per cent) put their pet’s destructive behavior down to boredom, 36 per cent say they wanted attention, 10 per cent say they broke something because they were jealous of another pet.