Many think Cameron will stay as PM, says Observer survey

David Cameron, who visited Hastings in April 2008, when he was leader of the Conservatives
David Cameron, who visited Hastings in April 2008, when he was leader of the Conservatives

Almost two thirds of people in the Hastings area believe David Cameron will be Prime Minister after this year’s General Election - according to surveys carried out by the Observer.

With under four months left until May’s election we asked people a series of questions on their voting intentions, and of the 324 respondents who expressed a preference less than two-fifths picked Mr Cameron as their top choice to be Prime Minister after May (39 per cent).

Labour leader Ed Miliband was respondents’ second choice with 24 per cent, ahead of UKIP’s Nigel Farage who was preferred by 18 per cent of people. Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, scored a huge 16 per cent, ahead of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who was the choice of just three per cent.

Almost two-thirds of people thought Mr Cameron would be Prime Minister after May (65 per cent), with 28 per cent expecting Mr Miliband to take the country’s top job.

Asked what issues would have the most bearing on how they would vote 81 per cent of those who expressed a preference picked health policy, followed by immigration policy (66 per cent), approach to Europe and the EU (62 per cent), welfare policy (59 per cent), economic policy (55 per cent), support for the elderly (53 per cent), and education (50 per cent). Of those who said they would vote 62 per cent said they were ‘pretty sure’ which way they would cast their vote.

The survey was not a formal opinion poll and the results do not necessarily represent the views of voters across the constituency.

Hastings MP Amber Rudd said: “Strong local health services are important to us all. We are hiring many more doctors and midwives to look after patients: we have 867 more NHS staff working across East Sussex and Hastings since I was elected in 2010. Meanwhile, I hope David Cameron is Prime Minister after May 7 - in the last five years Hastings has received nearly £180 million of central government investment into road, rail, schools, the pier and the local hospital to name but a few. This is down to the strong leadership and stable Government offered by David Cameron and the Conservatives.”

Sarah Owen, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Hastings and Rye, said: “In May our community will have a clear choice between voting for someone who is already working hard to get results or more of the same from a Conservative MP who doesn’t really live here and has a track record of sticking to a party line, rather than sticking up for our community. Most people feel it’s time for a change, Hastings has rejected the Tories every polling day since the last General Election and Labour has won more votes than every other party at the 2012, 2013 and 2014 elections. We are by no means taking anything for granted here, but the latest official polling from Lord Ashcroft which covered the entire constituency of Hastings and Rye put ‘Labour Sarah Owen’ at around 40 per cent and ‘Conservative Amber Rudd’ at 30 per cent and with our teams of volunteers, we will continue to fight for every vote, working for our community.”