Maresefield needs more members for parish council

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MARESFIELD Parish Council needs new members.

A recent village newsletter points out that after recent elections, the community has been left with only eight members, six short of the number required.

This means the council immediately loses its Quality Council status which directly affects the lives of local people.

The new localism legislation gives a greater say to communities to manage the use of local land, other environmental matters and provision of services.

They can also call on extra resources and new powers but not if they do not hold the Quality designation.

There are also fewer people to carry out functions like speedwatch, planning visits, recreation ground supervision, tree management, footpath supervision and civil emergency planning.

The newsletter also points out that parish councillors are the eyes and ears of small communities and one of their jobs is to listen to the problems expressed by residents and pursue their interests.

To find out more or get involved ring the Parish Office on: 01825 714555.

In the meantime the Council is issuing a questionnaire to all residents asking their opinion on what services should be offered, such as GP services, public transport, facilities for young people, young mothers, vulnerable and jobless people.

The information will help to formulate a new Community Plan.