Maria Caulfield celebrates the 70th year of the NHS

Maria Caulfield, MP for Lewes, has called for celebration as the NHS enters its 70th year.

Mrs Caulfield has been an NHS nurse for 24 years, and continues to practice.

She has specialised in cancer care, including working in research and as a senior sister at the Royal Marsden Hospital.

Mrs Caulfield has also spent some time as a Macmillan nurse.

As a Parliamentarian, she continues to advocate for the NHS.

For example, she was instrumental in persuading the Government to lift the one-percent pay cap for NHS nurses.

The Conservative MP has also continued to support the growing apprenticeship route into nurse training, which minimises debt and focuses on learning through practical experience in the hospital.

The MP said: “Since its formation after the Second World War, the NHS has blossomed into a well respected and hugely valued service.

“I am very pleased to have served in such a great British institution for this amount of time.

“I valued my training, and I want to make sure that nursing remains an attractive and accessible career for all.”

Mrs Caulfield said she acknowledges that the NHS has its present struggles and challenges, but is delighted that the Government are just as supportive of our health service by committing to investing record amounts of money in it.

The NHS nurse said this is by far the most important way to mark the anniversary. Thursday, July 5, marked the 70th anniversary of the NHS.