Mayfield school goes to the top of its class say inspectors

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A Mayfield school has just received an ‘outstanding’ report from inspectors. The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) published the results of its most recent inspection of St Leonards-Mayfield School. The report confirms that the quality of education offered to the students at this East Sussex school is outstanding.

The report is the outcome of a rigorous four-day inspection by the ISI, which took place last month. Inspectors concluded the quality of academic provision, pupils’ personal development at schoo, and the effectiveness of the school’s governance and management all rank as ‘excellent’.

They looked in detail at each aspect of school life. The quality of teaching, the breadth and depth of the curriculum, knowledge and understanding demonstrated by the pupils and the results in public examinations were all graded as ‘excellent’. So too were the quality of pastoral care, the quality of relationships within the classrooms and the boarding houses, and the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development displayed by the students. Provision of extra-curricular activities and the pupils’ achievements in those activities were offered very high praise.

 The report credits the School with first-rate provision across a range of activities. For example, the ‘mathematical knowledge is particularly strong and is used effectively across all areas of the curriculum. Confidence in scientific knowledge and ICT is evident.’