Mayor salutes ‘tremendous’ Lewes football ladies for bringing honour to town

Lewes Mayor's reception in Town Hall for double-winning Lewes Ladies FC - unbeaten all season
Lewes Mayor's reception in Town Hall for double-winning Lewes Ladies FC - unbeaten all season

THE achievements of Lewes Ladies Football Club were celebrated at the Town Hall.

Cllr John Stockdale, the Mayor of Lewes, threw a reception to honour the double-winning side which clinched the league and the league cup in its most successful-ever season.

Cllr Stockdale said: “We are here to recognise and honour the tremendous achievement of Lewes Ladies Football Club in the 2011-2012 season.

“Lewes were promoted to the Premiership after they were unbeaten throughout the season. The goal difference of more than 100 would be a very respectable result for a rugby side.

“I saw Lewes Ladies in action at the end of March against Cambridge United. Cambridge, no pushover, went down decisively 3-1 to Lewes.

“I noticed all our players were on the move all the time. If we lost the ball, moments later we won it back again. It was if we had several extra players on our team.

“At the end of the match the Cambridge coach admitted that our team thoroughly deserved the championship trophy and promotion to the Premiership. I’ve asked you here today to tell you how proud the town is of you and your achievements. I was about to say we hope some of your luck will rub off on the men’s teams. But what we are talking about is not luck. It’s the result of individual talent, hard work and teamwork. So, perhaps you should help them with the coaching.

“We look forward with great pride to seeing Arsenal, Everton, Chelsea and Nottingham Forest at the Dripping Pan from next autumn.

“So thank you for the honour you bring to the Rooks and to the town and the pleasure you give to your supporters.”

The celebrations continue today (Friday) when around 150 players and their families, along with the management team, directors, officials and sponsors from the club will be marking their landmark campaign at the Legacy White Hart Hotel (8pm). The two trophies will be on display and individual awards will be made.

Lewes Ladies director Ron Moore said: “Usually we have around 50-60 people attend our presentation evening at our clubhouse but we knew there was going to be an awful lot of people wanting to attend.”