Mediation charity to prepare for summer

A Hastings-based charity is preparing for an increase in the numbers of divorcing and separating couples seeking its services.

School summer holiday is the breaking point for many couples in Hastings and charity Mediation East Sussex, part of Hastings & Rother Mediation, says the summer holiday often proves the ‘final straw for strained relationships’.

Nicola Hawkins, manager of Mediation East Sussex, said: “The next six weeks will be a breaking point for many couples. The summer holiday can be really tough for couples on the edge. Many of them work through the tensions for the sake of their children. They take a day at a time, but then find themselves taking a deep breath and deciding it’s time for a new start. The long school summer holiday will be the final straw for many couples whose relationships have been strained for some time. It’s not just the week away to somewhere warm, but the time at home when stressed-out families are spending more time together.”

Nicola says there are three major factors that shift couples from an uneasy relationship to an unworkable one during the summer: more family time together in close proximity; changes in established daily routines and the expense of going away, and keeping family members entertained.

Parents who want to know more can contact Mediation East Sussex by telephone: 01424 446808, mobile 07981 437548, or email For more information please visit