Meet Telscombe Town Council’s community sheep on the Tye

Visitors are welcome to the community sheep scanning taking place tomorrow (Saturday February 23) at Telscombe Tye near Gorham Way.

Rams were put with the sheep a few weeks ago and on Saturday at 10am, the sheep will be scanned to see if they are pregnant.

The sheep were introduced by Telscombe Town Council to the Tye to help maintain it.

In fact sheep have historically grazed downland within the South Downs National Park for centuries.

The council took the innovative step of purchasing its own flock of 100 ewes last year.

Its community flock is being grazed with the existing flock of 252 ewes grazed under historic commoner’s rights.

It is anticipated that there will be opportunities for local schools to be involved in learning about the sheep, including monitoring progress towards lambing and shearing.

The ewes and production of lambs will also assist in providing additional income for the council and help the ongoing commitment to maintain existing council tax levels.