Memoir looks at life under apartheid for a British woman

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In her new memoir Starting Again In Egoli, published by AuthorHouse, Peacehaven author Sheila Ward offers readers a firsthand look at what life was like for a British woman living under apartheid in Johannesburg and Durban from 1965 to 1999.

The book tells the story of Sheila’s life in Johannesburg and Durban, her return to acting and writing and her subsequent marriage, another child and a short-lived third marriage.

She returned to the United Kingdom in 1999, where she began to write her books.

Sheila said: “We are surrounded by wars some racial, some religious.

“By some miracle, compounded by the connection between the courage of F.W. De Klerk, the humour of Bishop Tutu and the charisma of Nelson Mandela, the Truth and Reconciliation Trials diffused tribal and racial antagonism – this is very relevant to today’s society.”

Sheila trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and went on to perform in repertory theatre, toured the UK and met her tea planter husband, living in Uganda, Kenya and finally South Africa.

Her book is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Previous memoirs have included Beyond White Mischief and the Memoirs of a Tea planters Wife.