Met Office issues severe weather warning for rain in Sussex

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IT’S TIME to batten down the hatches as the Met Office issues two severe warnings for rain in Sussex on Sunday September 23 and Monday September 24.

The Met Office said wet and windy weather was expected to move north into some southern areas of England and Wales during Sunday.

It warned the public that heavy and persistent rain might cause localised flooding and also that strong easterly winds could cause some disruption, particularly near English Channel coasts.

And the forecast for Sussex on Monday could well be a wash out too.

The Met Office said an area of more persistent and heavy rain was likely to move north into northern England, southern and some eastern parts of Scotland during Monday, when gales are also expected to develop.

Both the heavy rain and very strong winds have the potential to cause localised disruption.

However, there remains a large amount of uncertainty at present in the detail.

The public should be aware of this risk and keep up to date with forecasts.