Metal thefts ‘hidden crime for too long’ - MP Charles Hendry

HIDDEN CRIMES of metal thefts in Wealden District will be robustly dealt with by new Government legislation according to the region’s MP Charles Hendry.

Mr Hendry called for action last year after commuters from Wealden to London faced lengthy delays after 50 metres of cable was stripped from tracks last September.

The MP said metal thefts were not always reported but the cost to the UK as a whole was estimated to be £777million per year.

Mr Hendry highlighted £5million of new Government funding to ‘enhance enforcement activity with the establishment of a dedicated metal theft taskforce’.

He said: “This has been a hidden crime for too long but it is causing increasing danger and inconvenience to the law-abiding majority.

“The amendments to the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill will provide law enforcement with the additional tools they require to take action against illegal scrap dealers and act as a serious deterrent for those who continue to steal metal and inflict harm and misery on so many innocent people.”