Mind the gap in Friars Walk in Lewes - it’s a danger to cyclists

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A serious danger to cyclists in Lewes, described as “an accident waiting to happen”, was highlighted this week.

It can be found in Friars Walk, close to the entrance to the Friends Meeting House, where there is a ‘speed calming’ cobbled section.

Simon Giddey, Chair of Cycle Lewes, said: “For many months its condition has been deteriorating to the extent that there are now deep gaps between the cobbles offering the distinct probability that a cyclist will get their wheel trapped, with potentially serious consequences.

“I reported the situation to East Sussex County Council in April and received a reply in May. It is now almost the end of July and, despite complaints to the council through my local county councillor who has followed this up, nothing has been done to rectify the situation.”

Mr Giddey took a photograph of a cyclist with her front wheel lodged in a gap – fortunately she managed to keep her balance.

Roger Williams, head of highways at East Sussex County Council, said: “We appreciate the concerns raised by cyclists and motorists.

“Friars Walk is a really difficult location because the road is extremely narrow, a large volume of traffic use it and any diversion of traffic causes significant issues.

“We carried out some work on the section of road a couple of weeks ago and will be returning within the next month to complete this. We will need to close the road to do this work, but will be doing this on a Sunday to minimise disruption.”