Minibus is pride of Uckfield Lions - but must be replaced


Uckfield Lions look forward to their busiest Christmas ever. As well as raising funds for local charities they now need to replace their community minibus which they fund and run.

They say this is used every day of the week by organisations in need of transport and needs to be replaced but will cost more than £40,000.

To help fill the coffers they are organising a Christmas Draw at Waitrose from December 8 to 14 and will visit all areas of Uckfield and nearby villages with their Santa’s Sleigh. There’s also been a pub quiz and fashion show.

The Lions operate a successful second hand bookshop from Tuesday to Saturday in Olives Yard and offer a £5 book token as a Christmas present to any booklover. As well as replacing the minibus and organising dozens of other community events the Uckfield Lions are planning their annual Senior Citizens Christmas party for more than 100 people. Any support gratefully received..