Minister visits Seaford Seniors Forum

Pensions Minister Steve Webb paid a visit to Seaford Seniors Forum on Tuesday February 11, giving its members the chance to ask questions.

The group has nearly 1300 members and is one of the largest of seven forums in the county.

The Minister spoke to members at the White Lion Hotel in Seaford, having been invited to attend by Seaford MP Norman Baker.

Vice chair of Seaford Seniors Forum Barry Smith said: “We are delighted to host a government Minister - such briefings and the opportunity to ask questions are very valuable for our members.”

Mr Webb said: “The first law I signed as a Liberal Democrat Minister in government, restored the pensions-earnings link - something for which I had campaigned for 30 years.”

“Pensions are now going up by the highest of three numbers: wages, prices or 2.5 per cent.

“This “triple-lock” is already reversing the decline of 30 years.

“The future is also looking bright for the next generation.

“For too long, two thirds of private sector employees have gone without any pension provision at all.

“But, Liberal Democrats in government have introduced automatic enrolment unless you opt-out: this has already been taken up by nine out of ten employees.

“The flat-rate pension, to be introduced in April 2016, is especially good news for women who have often taken on caring responsibilities.”

Seaford Seniors Forum represents people aged 50 plus and is a campaigning group.