Monaco or bust for Hailsham’s magnificent six

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047 SUS-140728-115342001

Six petrolheads from Hailsham piloted two old Jaguars to the South of France - all in aid of a little girl with severe brain damage.

Led by Neil Schulz, the team included Duncan Brown, Simon Miller, Steve Hawkins, Roger Head and ‘Mini Dave’

who embarked on a ‘banger rally’ earlier this month.

They started from St-Quentin in France and ended three days later in Monte Carlo. Neil pointed out the rally is really an event for adventurous people driving a car costing under £250.

They raised more than £3,500 for a little girl called Lyra through the Tree of Hope Children’s Charity.

Lyra was born on July 16, 2012 with severe brain damage from congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV). CMV is a common virus that can affect people of all ages with no signs or symptoms and no long-term effects but can be very dangerous to unborn babies.

As a result of the virus she has severe cerebral palsy, is blind, has epilepsy and is medically fragile.

Neil said, “We wanted to make Lyra’s life a bit better by helping her and her parents, James and Lucy, pay for therapies and equipment to improve her quality of life.” Money raised will go to CMV Action, the only charity supporting facing families facing this cruel condition.”

The team set off in their two old Jaguars – one painted gold and the other in RAF camouflage – on July 18. And they all wore fancy dress including Hawaiian beachwear, outfits to match the cars

Neil said, “The trip was great with lots of things happening. On day one it was 41 degrees in Dijon and the gold Jag over-heated and blew a plug out of the radiator. This emptied all the water down the road and steam came out of the bonnet. This was quickly fixed with some chemical metal. Day two we went from Dijon to Turin through Switzerland and over the St. Bernard’s pass in the Alps. This is a twisty road up to 2500m and we could only manage 10mph with the pedal on the floor. This meant there was a long tail back. Day three was from Turin to Monte Carlo and we had to be careful to keep the water temperature down. We had a well-earned rest in Monaco before flying home.”

The group won ‘best dressed team’ out of the 70 that took part. All in all, the rally raised a total of more than £40,000 for various charities.