Money for CCTV at Seaford Football Club

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CCTV could be installed at Seaford Town Football Club to combat antisocial behaviour and vandalism, thanks to funding from Sussex Police.

There have been a number of antisocial behaviour and vandalism incidents in the Crouch Gardens in Seaford in recent months.

Police have asked Seaford Town Council, which owns the football club building, for permission to install CCTV.

Sergeant Stuart Mullins, from Seaford police, said: “During the last few years the football club and the bowls club have been the victims of a number of incidents of antisocial behaviour and criminal damage and we have been working with them to try to protect their grounds.

“As both clubs have been victims several times we managed to secure funding last year for them to install CCTV to try to deter offenders and identify anyone responsible for crimes there.

“Because the sites are actually owned by Seaford Town Council prior to any CCTV being installed, the proposal has to go through various committee stages for approval.

“We fully support the installation of the CCTV and see it as a way of reducing problems in the area and enabling local residents to enjoy the facilities that both clubs offer.”

In a report to Seaford Town Council’s community services committee it said the problem had impacted on the football and bowls club’s enjoyment of the site, as well as costing them money.

It is hoped the CCTV would deter offenders and identify culprits, putting an end to the problem, which has even included a small fire being lit next to the clubhouse.