More exotic spiders found in Worthing

SIGHTINGS of exotic spiders in Worthing seem to be increasing.

Following the spotting of a wasp spider in Barrington Close earlier this month (September), a Herald reader brought a venomous black house spider into the office.

Native to Australia and New Zealand, the black house spider is capable of delivering a venomous bite which can cause swelling, heavy sweating, muscle aches, and even vomiting.

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Judie Chambers, of Orchard Avenue, Tarring, discovered the creepy crawly on her toilet window.

She said: “When I saw it, I realised it wasn’t an everyday, common spider – it looked different.

“I wanted to find out what it was, so I got a jam jar – something it wouldn’t get out of, basically.”

After catching the spider, Judie took it into her work and had it identified by a colleague.

But after being told it was a venomous black spider, she received more bad news – there are likely to be more.

“When my colleague told me, it made me feel slightly nervous because there could be more of them.

“I’ll be looking out for them now. I don’t want to kill them but I don’t want them in my house either.”

According to scientists, the number of exotic species of spiders in Britain is going up due to increasingly-mild winters.

Judie added: “I think it’s interesting that there are more spiders. It underlines the fact the world is undergoing a climate change.”

Have you spotted any venomous or exotic spiders in your garden or near where you live?

If you have, contact reporter Alex Therrien on 01903 282366.