More riders in their 40s injured on Sussex roads

AN INCREASING number of 40 to 44 year olds are being injured on scooters or small motorbikes, latest figures reveal.

According to data analysed by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, the first six months of this year have seen more riders of small motorcycles and scooters (powered two wheeler or PTW) injured than in the same period in 2010.

Of those injured, the group that has risen the fastest in comparison to last year are 40-44 year olds riding machines between 50 and 125cc.

This is closely followed by a rise in the numbers of people injured aged between 25 and 29 riding the same sized machines.

It’s possible that some of this increase is due to individuals using PTWs as an alternative means of transport because of the current financial climate in the UK.

Sgt Carl Knapp, Casualty Reduction Sergeant with Sussex Police’s Roads Policing Unit, said: “Many people think of injuries sustained by riders of smaller motorcycles and scooters as something predominantly experienced by younger people. However, the Partnership’s latest research shows that serious injuries are becoming increasingly common amongst those in older age groups.

“Before anyone takes to the road on a smaller motorcycle or scooter for the first time, they need to undertake at least Compulsory Basic Training, which is designed to be one link in the chain of learning to ride a motorcycle However, I would strongly recommend that further training is undertaken to ensure that new riders – or those who haven’t been on the road in a while – stay as safe as possible.

“It is important that riders develop beyond CBT and look to achieving their motorcycle test through further training.”

In Sussex, the BikeSafe course is offered to motorcyclists wishing to develop, or brush up on, their skills. Details can be found online:

The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership recently released a campaign aimed at driving down injuries suffered by the PTW community. Details, including the campaign film and motorcyclist magazine (offering useful information about all elements of life on two wheels) can be found at: