MP Baker fights Ditchling homes scheme

LOCAL MP Norman Baker says a proposed housing development off Folders Lane, Ditchling, should be refused.

He is formally opposing the application on the grounds that car movements will increase and it could set a worrying precedent for the area if the scheme for 23 dwellings is approved.

The application is to provide a mix of two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom dwellings and is a re-submission of a previous application which Mid Sussex District Council refused.

It has attracted significant opposition from local residents, with a vast number of them registering their objections with the council.

Points of objection have included the following:

•It is outside the “built up” area of Burgess Hill

•It is on a Greenfield site

•It is too near the National Park

•It is unacceptable in terms of density, scale and style

•Its approval could set a dangerous precedent

Mr Baker has joined residents in opposition and has written to the Head of Planning at Mid Sussex District Council, Claire Tester, to express his concerns, which include increased car movements, the site’s proximity to the National Park, its “uninspiring” design and its location on a greenfield site.

The MP said: “Local people have made their opposition to this application abundantly clear and I support their call for it to be refused.

“If the council takes the view that it is exceptional, which I do not believe that it is, and allows it to go ahead, it would set a worrying precedent in a countryside area where development restraint should be shown.

“After all, what is exceptional about a development where the main mode of transport is likely to be cars, and which has a design that has been called uninspiring?”