MP calls on Trust chiefs to resign

Lewes MP Norman Baker has renewed his call for the resignations of the Chief Executive and Chairman of East Sussex Healthcare Trust following last week’s damning report by the Care Quality Commission.

The commission placed each trust in England into a band based upon the number of ‘Risks’ and ‘Elevated Risks’ identified in the report. East Sussex Healthcare was placed in ‘Band 2’ marking the trust as ‘High Risk’ overall, placing it amongst the worst in the country.

Highlighted risks include the very concerning fact that users of the service are at danger of dying even when diagnosed with low risk conditions, said Mr Baker.

He said the current management of East Sussex Healthcare Trust is also responsible for the disastrous downgrading of services at Eastbourne District General Hospital, a move that has already had a negative impact for many of Mr Baker’s constituents in Seaford and Polegate.

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust was placed in Band 3, putting it in the lower half of the scale but without highlighting the trust as high risk.

Mr Baker said: “This report shows what I sadly already knew; the upper management of East Sussex Healthcare is letting down my constituents across the board, both in terms of the range of services offered at Eastbourne and now the safety of what’s left.

“There needs to be changes at the top to reverse this dangerous trend and that means the replacement of the Chief Executive and Chairman.

“I am very concerned that my constituents are being given a second rate services when it comes to healthcare.”