MP is urged to listen to residents' Brexit concerns in open letter

Residents have expressed their concerns over Brexit in an open letter to MP Maria Caulfield and this newspaper.

Alun Tlusty-Sheen, open letter to Maria Caulfield. re Brexit SUS-180524-084045008
Alun Tlusty-Sheen, open letter to Maria Caulfield. re Brexit SUS-180524-084045008

Two community groups have penned the letter raising issues over what they believe are the ‘numerous impending impacts of exiting the EU’.

This comes after the groups say they sent the MP 400 postcards detailing worries over human rights, trade, job security, agriculture and the Dieppe-Newhaven ferry – but say they have received no response. The open letter calls on Ms Caulfield to engage with those concerned with the impact of exiting the EU on the community.

Written by Janet Hardy-Gould, of EUnity Lewes, and Alun Tlusty-Sheen, of Seahaven Staying In, it says: “We would like to highlight that we have consistently tried to engage with you on the issue of Brexit, and yet we have largely been ignored by you, our elected representative.

“We are also concerned that you are ignoring wider engagement with your constituents on the issue of Brexit. As an MP on the South Coast so close to the continent, it seems very strange to us that of all the 43 topical issues on your website, there isn’t one single issue which refers directly and specifically to Brexit.”

The majority of voters in the Lewes consituency backed Remain in the 2016 referendum – 52.1 per cent of the 77 per cent voter turnout.

Responding, Ms Caulfield said, “I am keen to meet with all constituents to discuss Brexit whatever side of the debate they were on. I have set up my monthly public meetings across the constituency where I invite residents to come along and hear about what is happening with Brexit and raise questions and concerns. In addition to these I have met with the EUnity campaigners at surgery appointments in my office and I also spoke at one of their public meetings held in the Elephant and Castle pub in Lewes last year. I was surprised that the Seaford Staying In campaign delivered postcards to my office on the only day in the week when it is shut as I would have been happy to have received delivery of them personally if they had contacted me in advance.

“I have this week responded to all the post cards individually and I am always keen to hear people’s views or thoughts.”

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