MP Norman Baker delighted with summer schools to ease transition to senior school

NEWS Government funding has been used in Lewes District to run summer schools has been welcomed by MP Norman Baker.

Priory School in Lewes, Cuckmere House School and Seaford Head Community College in Seaford, and Tideway School in Newhaven are amongst the 20 schools in East Sussex which have made use of a portion of the government’s £50m summer schools fund.

The fund is part of the government’s £2.5bn pupil premium which provides money for pupils who receive free school dinners through their school years.

The funding provides each school that applied with £500 per eligible pupil and head teachers are able use the money to design and run summer schools, targeting pupils who will benefit most.

Money pays for pupils to take part in a two week summer school to help with the transition to secondary school.

Mr Baker said: “It is incredibly unfair that pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds tend not to do as well as their peers and we must try to change that to give them the education opportunities they deserve.

“Evidence shows that the transition to secondary school is a particularly tough time as struggling pupils can fall further behind.

“The summer school fund is specifically targeted towards this transition by providing further support to complement the existing induction arrangements and I am very pleased that a number of local schools have taken up the funding.

“I have written to all the schools to find out how the summer schools have been going.”

The funding could be used to give pupils a school tour or learn about their new curriculum; extra support in English and maths and enrichment activities such as arts, music, sports, theatre and museum trips, visits to local higher education institutions and employers.