MP Norman Baker in favour of reopening Uckfield to Lewes line

LEWES MP and Transport Minister Norman Baker would like to see the Uckfield to Lewes line re-opened.

Recognised by the Conservative opposition in 2007 as one of four top UK rail re-opening projects, Baker wants a more strategic view taken. He said: “I believe that the sensible way forward regarding Lewes–Uckfield is to consider it in the context of the railway corridor from Brighton and the South Coast to London.”

After reading a letter from a Network Rail signaller at the Brighton Line’s busy Three Bridges control panel, the Minister said: “It is quite clear that there is considerable pressure on train paths north from Brighton, particularly in the Balcombe area. The case for reinstatement of Lewes–Uckfield may well rest on the creation of an alternative line from the South Coast to London. That would indeed involve improvements to the line north of Uckfield, including electrification and re-doubling.”

He told Campaign Director Brian Hart: “I continue to believe that the re-opening of the Lewes–Uckfield line makes good railway sense and I have not entirely given up my aspiration to be present for the day this finally happens”.