MP praises new policy to cut anti social behaviour in Wealden

WEALDEN MP Charles Hendry has applauded a move to clamp down on the antisocial behaviour that affects Wealden District Council tenants.

A re-drafted Antisocial Behaviour Policy has recently been draw up together with tenants and Sussex Police, which will help housing officers and tenants assess a problem sooner and take relevant steps to resolve it.

Many cases of antisocial behaviour can be resolved through early intervention. Wealden say that when needed they will take action on those who are causing it and in extreme measures they will be evicted. The revised policy has been prepared by tenant groups and police to ensure that it’s relevant, easy to follow and up-to date. It includes guidance about acceptable behaviour; highlighting the positive values within communities.

This policy comes alongside Sussex Police’s ‘Operation Blitz’ to cut down on antisocial behaviour, Charles will spend time with the team behind the operation when they are on call in the autumn. He said: “Antisocial behaviour blights lives. It is often a conscious and continual campaign of threatening behaviour for tenants. People often suffer in silence, becoming insular, losing self confidence and cutting off family and friends, because they are too afraid to speak out.”