MP puts his name to petition to reopen ‘well used’ Lewes loos

Cllr Catlin outside of locked Western Road toilets, Lewes
Cllr Catlin outside of locked Western Road toilets, Lewes

The petition to have Lewes District Council completely repair and re-open the public lavatories in the town’s Western Road gained further momentum this week.

Local MP Norman Baker joined the list of signatories, putting his name to paper in Greenies Sandwich Shop.

The petition, organised by local independent town councillors Stephen Catlin and Ruth O’Keeffe, aims to have a minumum of 1,500 signatures by the end of September, forcing the matter to be debated by the full Lewes District Council.

Both St Anne’s Church and St Pancras Church have actively participated in the collection of signatures.

Cllr Catlin said local people are tired of the erosion of services in the county town. “The support so far has been most heartening and we shall continue to drive this forward,” he said. “We are delighted that this is turning into a unified cross-party campaign for the good of Lewes.”

Mr Baker said: “The toilets in this area are a well-used facility and I support the actions being taken to encourage the council to have this open once more to the public.

“I appreciate that there are works involved to enable this to happen but there are no other nearby public toilet facilities for people to use in this area of town, which has business, community facilities and is a well-used route for people making their way into and out of Lewes.”