MP says stunts ‘not appropriate’ at Beachy Head after base jumper seriously injured

Photo by Eastbourne Lifeboats
Photo by Eastbourne Lifeboats

Eastbourne’s MP has spoken out against thrill seekers using Beachy Head for sport after a base jumper was seriously injured at the weekend.

Rescue teams including a coastguard helicopter and the RNLI were called out after a base jumper collided with the cliffs at around 2.50pm on Saturday (December 2).

Eastbourne lifeboats say the casualty, whose parachute got entangled during his descent, was given expert care by crews before being airlifted to hospital in Brighton.

Stephen Lloyd MP said, “It is obviously very unfortunate that this base jumper hurt himself whilst performing his stunt and I hope he recovers quickly.

“However, I am very unhappy that he and others who are involved in this new form of dangerous sport should have even contemplated using Beachy Head as a site.

“Their irresponsibility led to the Eastbourne RNLI, not knowing that this was a stunt, having to be launched with a view that this may have been another sad suicide attempt.

“Our RNLI crews, all volunteers, do amazing work for our town but not many people know that one of their more challenging roles is having to secure the bodies of people who have taken their lives by jumping off the cliffs at Beachy Head.

“They do this with dignity and professionalism and both I and all of us respect this desperate task enormously. Being called out for what was effectively a stunt was not appropriate and I would hope will never be repeated.”