MP spotlights breast screening appointments error

Lewes MP Maria Caulfield
Lewes MP Maria Caulfield

Lewes MP Maria Caulfield has discovered 277 women aged 68-71 in the Lewes constituency were not sent their final breast screening appointment.

In May it was revealed that thousands of women across the country were not sent a letter inviting them to their final screening. This prompted NHS cancer nurse Ms Caulfield to speak in the House of Commons to remind people that mammograms are not the only way to detect breast cancer, and do not pick up all cancers.

Charity Breast Cancer Now has revealed at least 277 of the 174,000 now believed to have been affected are from the Lewes constituency.

Public Health England has identified and contacted 195,565 women thought to be affected, who were registered with a GP in England by May 18, by letter. The screening helpline (0800 169 2692) has received more than 46,000 calls since the original announcement on May 2, and the NHS has put in place an additional 68,000 screening appointments nationally.

Ms Caulfield is now urging any of her constituents facing difficulty in securing an appointment for screening, or who believe that they should have been contacted, to use the helpline or to get in touch with her.