Mumford and Sons in Lewes - how to be a part of it

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Following the last successful networking event in January, the Lewes Town Partnership is holding an update for members on Monday, March 18 (5.30-7.30pm), at West Gate Chapel, High Street.

Again there will be feedback on the North Street (Phoenix) Quarter developments. However this time there will also be two speakers from Lewes District Council to talk about how local groups and businesses in the town can make the most of the Mumford & Sons concert weekend in the summer.

“The Gentlemen of the Road festival is the chance for the whole community to show the rest of the country that Lewes is more than ‘just Bonfire’,” said Debby Matthews, Development Worker for the Partnership.

“Community groups, businesses and individuals can get involved in all sorts of ways in making the weekend go well. Come to the meeting and hear how you too can be part of the festival.”

Although the invitation has gone to member groups of the Town Partnership everyone is welcome to attend the meeting.

The Lewes Town Partnership (LTP) acts as a strategic grouping of more than 70 organisations in Lewes and has been around for 10 years. The Partnership has developed, and been involved with, a range of different projects over that time.

Currently it sits, along with other key groups in the town such as the Chamber of Commerce, Friends of Lewes and Lewes Community Land Trust, on a “sounding board” to help inform the design of the public consultations on the North Street (Phoenix) Quarter developments.