Music festival is a hit

EDGY FEST 2009 "went off without a hitch", according to organiser and founder Cllr Michael Ensor.

The two-day Christian music festival catered for two audiences over the Pentecost weekend, with young people enjoying live music on Saturday, whilst a relaxed audience had a Picnic in the Park and Christian sermons on Sunday.

Egerton Park was turned into an open air auditorium for the event, with a large scaffold stage facing away from residents, and rows of marquee tents providing refreshments and shelter from the bright May sun.

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There were contributions from U16 Youth Centre in Station Road and Dyamond Dance Studio, before local bands took the stage in the afternoon on Saturday.

Headline act The Steels, from Newcastle, gave their set to a large crowd from 7pm.

Following a protracted permissions process, during which some local residents complained of noise pollution during last year's event, Cllr Ensor said he had received no complaints and was "very happy" with how the festival had gone.

Increased security measures and collaboration with an environmental health officer helped EdgyFest to a successful day.

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The festival is arranged to coincide with Pentecost, a Christian festival celebrating the arrival of the Holy Spirit on Earth. It is regarded as the birthday of the Christian church.

Churches of various denominations across Bexhill collaborated for the event, offering sponsorship and volunteer stewards.

Cllr Ensor said: "EdgyFest was designed for young people, teenagers. We ended up with five local bands from schools in Bexhill and Hastings, and the special guests who drove all the way from Newcastle.

"I had a tremendous time, with volunteers coming from different churches in Bexhill, who not only gave their time but also helped with sponsorship."

Cllr Ensor said he hoped the event would return next year, but that the decision had to be taken collaboratively.