‘My sugar intake nearly killed me’ said Mayfield woman

Jools Rae: Before (left) and after (right) SUS-140616-122455001
Jools Rae: Before (left) and after (right) SUS-140616-122455001

A woman who said her sugar intake almost killed her after she was rushed to hospital unable to breathe with heart pains, has now launched a local business to help fight obesity.

After just a few days with a bad cough, Jools Rae, from Mayfield, was rushed to hospital in November 2012 struggling to breathe and with heart pains.

But because her heart rate was so fast paramedics and doctors could not treat her with anything other than oxygen for the first 12 hours. A day later her breathing was under control, but with her heart still racing, Jools, who was 41 at the time, was sent home from hospital with a pneumonia diagnosis. It took her Mayfield GP three months to get to the bottom of her still racing heart and found the cause to be her sugar intake.

Jools said: “I was so scared when I couldn’t breathe and the oxygen didn’t really do much to help. It took a whole week before my breathing got back to normal. I was so scared there was something wrong with my heart. But after three months of many, many blood tests my GP finally came to the conclusion that my racing heart was caused by me being insulin resistant – pre-diabetes. I was four stone overweight, my cholesterol was way too high and my thyroid was low. I was actually really quite ill. But my GP was convinced it was the insulin resistance that was causing my heart to race so instead of giving me medicine she put me on a diet.

“It’s pretty fair to say I wasn’t happy about that but I wanted to feel well so I agreed to do it while secretly thinking it wouldn’t work and I’d be back in a few months for some pills.”

But it turns out her GP was right and just a week after cutting back on sugar and converting her white carbohydrates into brown, wholewheat carbs, Jools began to feel better.

Now a year and a half later Jools, of South Street, has lost four stone, her cholesterol is a normal level and her thyroid and her insulin is now perfect. And she’s never felt healthier. She claims it’s not about making huge drastic diet and lifestyle changes, it’s about taking small steps to change eating habits of a lifetime that will make the difference permanently.

She said: “Instead of just cutting out sugar and white carbs I created meals for the whole family that were based around what we already liked to eat. When you make small changes to your habits they are sustainable and quite often have a huge positive impact on the rest of your life.”

Jools, who is a qualified life coach, has set up her own business and called her women only weight loss business Stepping Stones 1-2-3 Weight Loss System. She said the weight loss system is more than about losing weight, it is about teaching women to love themselves, create new eating habits and to take responsibility for eating habits.