Mysteries of Cern’s Large Hadron Collider to be explained in Lewes

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The Large Hadron Collider will be the subject of a fascinating talk at Lewes Town Hall on Wednesday May 6.

Wacky, Weird and Wonderful Particles will explain particles’ strange behaviour and how they affect us.

Marguerite Laporte, from Lewes Astronomers, said: “I have been sent the latest update on the Large Hadron Collider from Cern in Geneva explaining what is happening now that the LHC has doubled its power.

“The lecture will be low key for anyone who is not familiar with particle physics or has no knowledge of physics at all.

“After the discovery of the Higgs Boson what else will the LHC find? It might be dark energy, dark matter or even how the universe began and why we are here?”

You will hear about the amazing discoveries the Large Hadron Collider has produced, supporting advances in health and technology.

It will take place in the Lecture Room at 7.30pm.