Mystery of bike locked to Rodmell bus stop for three weeks

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MYSTERY surrounds a bike left locked to Rodmell bus stop for at least the last three weeks.

Residents thought a walker would return to collect the bike after seeing it left at the bus stop on the C7 opposite the Abergavenny pub.

When nobody collected it, Rodmell Parish Council contacted the police to find the bike had not been reported missing and therefore had to be treated as abandoned.

Parish clerk Judith Bradbury said: “Initially we thought someone left it there while they went walking and were going to take it back but it’s been there several weeks now.”

Parish council chairman Paul Denerley said the strangest thing about it was the bike being chained.

After about ten days they started to make enquiries of the neighbours and pub.

“No one knew to whom it belonged,” he said.

“I then contacted our PCSO who checked that it hadn’t been reported as stolen.”

After putting his own notice on it saying he was going to report it, he made the district council aware.

“They put a notice on the bike saying that it had been reported as abandoned and I assume that following their enquiries they will unchain it and remove it.”