Nan has grandchildren’s presents stolen by thief along Hailsham High Street

Nancy Golding, Hailsham. Had shoping stolen from her disability scooter
Nancy Golding, Hailsham. Had shoping stolen from her disability scooter
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A crook stole Christmas presents from a disabled grandmother in a “heart breaking” day light theft.

Pensioner Nancy Golding had her grandchildren’s Christmas presents stolen from her parked mobility scooter as she popped into a charity shop on Hailsham High Street.

The thief took her bag containing around £65 worth of goods including food, two pairs of pyjamas and her t-shirts for her two gandchildren.

The 77-year-old’s bag was later discovered by police in a Church yard. Officers are currently investigating the theft at St Mary’s Walk, which occurred around 3pm on November 21.

Mrs Golding said: “I was in the shop for two minutes. He did it so quickly. I said to the lady in the shop I had to keep an eye on the scooter, but I took my eyes of it for a second and my stuff was stolen.

“I don’t usually buy that much shopping but I got a few bits for Christmas and a bit extra because of the weather warning I didn’t think I’d be able to get out at the weekend.

“I’m really ill and then something like this happens and you don’t want to go out. I live from one pension day to the next and it’s made me feel down.”

Alan Cogan, a family friend, said: “It’s heart breaking for it to happen. The thief is absolute scum. Nancy’s so friendly, such a lovely person; God help the person who did it, if someone finds out who it is. He would have to leave the town.”

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “Officers are currently investigating the theft. The shopping bag, with some of the shopping inside, was found in a nearby churchyard by a PCSO.”

Police found some tins of dog food in the recovered bag. Anyone with information about the theft should call 101 quoting serial 965 of 21/11.