Nature walk invite in Ashdown Forest

There will be a nature walk on the Ashdown Forest (Broadstone Heath) on Monday starting at 2pm from the Forest Centre.

Everyone is invited to go along for a gentle two-hour stroll with one of the Forest Centre volunteers.

They will take in the expansive and beautiful views, look and listen to the birdsong and take a closer look at flora and fauna.

A pair of binoculars and a camera would also be helpful.

The walk is suitable for adults and children and there is a small charge payable to the walk leader.

On Monday, April 25 a new exhibition called ‘Ashdown View – the London Road Group’ will open at the Forest Centre.

It features local artists Lynn Warren, Michael Gage, Marina Casarino, Elizabeth Brown, Richard Wombell, Sheri Gee, Karen Murray and Caryl Mann. For more information visit: