Networking helps Uckfield firms get ahead

Uckfield business people are invited to a free networking event in Halland on the evening of Monday, March 25.

The event, which will run from 5.30pm to 8pm, is being organised by Uckfield BNI at Halland Forge, which is also the venue of weekly breakfast meetings held by the group.

Chapter director Gareth Looker said: “This event is open to all people who do business in the Uckfield area and is a great opportunity to meet other businesses, have a complimentary drink and find out more about Uckfield BNI.”

Uckfield BNI (Business Network International) has 18 members who meet over breakfast each Wednesday to network and pass on business referrals.

They hold regular open days to enable wider networking for members and to show other business people how the referral organisation can help their business grow.

Mr Looker added: “This will be a relaxed networking event and if anybody is interested in learning more about Uckfield BNI they will be very welcome to join us again at one of our breakfast meetings.”

BNI Uckfield has the philosophy of all BNI groups – Givers Gain: ‘If you give me business I will want to give you business.’

The BNI Uckfield Group encourages members not only to do business with each other but also to hand on third-party referrals to other members.

Trust between members is built at informal networking before formal meetings where people come to understand one another’s businesses and feel secure in passing referrals to them.

To learn more please call 08450 756 290 or visit: