New campaign to help avoid more evictions

A housing charity is preparing to launch a campaign to encourage people facing eviction to attend their possession hearings and to get free, emergency advice at the county court so that they stand a better chance of saving their homes.

BHT Sussex has reported a low attendance rate at its Hastings court duty service which offers free legal advice for people who face losing their homes.

The week-long campaign, which runs from Monday (October 27) to October 31, will attempt to demystify the repossession process, making it less frightening, helping people to understand the importance of attending the hearing and to ensure that they know that there is free legal advice on offer. This advice is available to tenants and home owners.

Jo Wilson, BHT Sussex Hastings advice manager, said: “Receiving a letter from the court and learning that you could lose your home is a terrifying experience. It is understandable that people feel that there is nothing that they can do.

“But what most people don’t realise is that it is never too late and in many cases we can help to save your home.” For more information visit