New cormorant sculpture to be installed in Newhaven Harbour

New comerant sculpture in Newhaven
New comerant sculpture in Newhaven

A NEW sculpture will be gracing the waters of Newhaven Port on Wednesday August 29 at high tide and this is it: a seven foot tall cormorant made of galvanised steel created by South Heighton artist Christian Funnell.

The magnificent work of art will be painted black before it is installed next week and cost £6,000.

Newhaven Conservation Trust asked Newhaven Town Council if it would be prepared to pay for a replacement sculpture, as the old one, which was made of rubber tyres and steel as a carnival float around 12 years ago, was beginning to show its age.

Christian said he had repaired it a number of times, but bits kept falling off it.

The original cormorant’s creator, Christian Funnell, removed it this week and it is now in his back garden while he decides what to do with it.

He said: “We didn’t have permission but we put it up there because we thought it would be interesting thing for the town. Then a couple of other ones were commissioned for the West Quay development.”

The new cormorant sculpture will be on display at the Hillcrest Centre in Hillcrest Road this weekend.

A town council spokesperson said: “The town council were very happy to pay for a replacement because it felt it had become an icon for the town, very familiar and well loved.”