New exhibition at Jerwood is inspired by beaches in Hastings

Beside the Seaside by Chantal Joffe at the Jerwood Art Gallery, Hastings.
Beside the Seaside by Chantal Joffe at the Jerwood Art Gallery, Hastings.

A new exhibition has opened at the Jerwood Gallery which has been partly inspired by the beaches along 1066 Country.

Liz Gilmore, director of Jerwood Gallery, said: “Chantal Joffe is an inspirational artist, long admired by her peers and critics alike.

The show features a number of new and unseen works painted specifically for the exhibition along with a selection of works spanning the past 13 years. Joffe has long-standing links with Hastings and regularly visits family who live in the town.

A spokesman for the gallery said: “The coastal landscape is an intoxicating inspiration for Joffe and she spends a great deal of time sitting on the beach, drawing.

“Possessing a humorous eye for everyday awkwardness and an enlivening facility with paint, Joffe brings a combination of intuition and honesty to the genre of figurative art.

“She paints with expressive fluidity, using broad brush-strokes and distortions to capture personality and a sense of movement. She achieves this whether the image is a few inches square or 10 feet high. Often working from photographs, Joffe’s arresting portraits seduce and disarm simultaneously. Her paintings have a profound personal intensity to them; many on display at Jerwood Gallery depict women or young girls, in particular her daughter and niece.”

The exhibition will be co-curated by Rose Wylie, an artist who in her late 70s saw blossoming critical recognition. Wylie launched Jerwood Gallery’s exhibition programme in 2012 with the first retrospective of her work in the UK,

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