New faces on council

A POOR turnout at the polls did not stop some new faces being elected to the district council in Hailsham and Polegate last week – and see some of the biggest political upsets in Wealden.

Previously thought to be a LibDem stronghold, Polegate's district council south ward fell to Residents' Association member Ivy Scarborough, who has proven herself to be been a high-profile town mayor in the last two years.

Hailsham Town Council, previously a 'safe' LibDem territory, is now in the hands of the Hailsham Independents, a group set up last year by disgruntled LibDems.

Its sister party, the Wealden Independents, won three seats on the district council.

One of the Independents elected to both town and district councils was Nick Ellwood.

He said: 'Out of 12 candidates we put forward for the town, 11 were elected.

'I think this is a very clear indication that that the people of Hailsham do not want national politics in local government.

'We controlled the town council before and we control it now, but this is the first time we have been elected as Independents. Before, we were elected as LibDems. Now we have the endorsement of the people. We are very, very pleased with the result.'

In Polegate, the town council's leadership remains the same. The Residents' Association won 13 of the 17 seats, the others went to the LibDems as before.

This means both town councils in the South Weald are now controlled by independent groups.