New Heathfield homes ‘disturbance’ fears


Plans to build a small development of three Sussex-style houses off Mutton Hall Hill in Heathfield have drawn an angry reaction from neighbours.

The scheme would see one four bedroom detached and two three bedroom semis built on land at the rear of Broadridge. Documents supplied with the application state the placing of windows ensures privacy and separate provision for visitor parking means the approach to the houses is not too ‘concreted’.

However the new homes are next door to Waldron Court, a sheltered housing scheme with about 22 residential units. Objectors say this scheme will have a negative impact on residents’ lives in terms of disturbance and noise and point out the road - the main route to Heathfield - is very busy and dangerous as many cars are now parked half on the pavement.

One said Waldron Court residents do not have gardens and rely heavily on communal grounds in the summer. Objections also centre on an increased noise and traffic disturbance.