New online focus on best of Sussex

Simon Ridgwell launched the Best of Sussex website
Simon Ridgwell launched the Best of Sussex website

This week saw the launch of an online guide to East and West Sussex –

The site is a collection of the best things to see and do in the area and includes listings for pubs, cafes, country walks, antique shops and gardens.

Lewes-based web designer and founder Simon Ridgwell said: “I moved my family to Sussex three years ago and am constantly amazed by the things we can do in the area.

“Whether it is a meal in a 500-year-old pub, a swim in an outdoor lido, a beautiful walk up on the downs or a trip up to London on a steam engine.

“I thought there needed to be a website that brought all of these attractions together in one place to show everyone that these businesses are here.”

The website has 100 attractions on it so far and Simon and his team aim to have 500 by the end of the year.

“The challenge is not finding the attractions but having the time to take all the photography we need.

“We realised that we have to take all the photos ourselves to ensure the quality remains high but that means we have to visit every one individually before it can go on the site.

“It’s a big job but it is a lot of fun visiting all these great places and the effort will be worth it in the end.”

The website aims to promote local businesses to local residents and help attract visitors to the area.

Simon is in discussions with Wealden and Lewes council to see how, together, they can best promote the range of local businesses that Sussex has to offer.

Local antique clock dealer, William Bruce was one of the first to appear on the site and said: “The thing that impressed me most when Simon approached me about the website was the quality of the presentation and his choice of businesses.

“If I wanted to show visitors the best of what is on offer in Sussex and especially Lewes I would have picked exactly the same ones.

“I think it feels fresh and vital, which is why I am pleased to have put a link to it from my website so that customers in other parts of the country will be encouraged to visit Lewes in person and see for themselves the variety and excellence in business available.”