New powers tackle illegal parking

PCSOs have been given powers to enforce parking restrictions on double yellow lines on Hailsham’s streets.

Hailsham Town Council is helping to tackle illegal parking including motorists who park inconsiderately on double yellow lines in the High Street and Market Square.

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) in Hailsham have been given parking enforcement powers and have the authority to issue warning notices and parking fines for vehicles parked on double yellow lines or causing an obstruction.

The decision to enforce parking comes after feedback was obtained from a survey conducted at Hailsham Forward’s pop-up shop held in the town centre last month, as well as comments at the recent Annual Town Meeting.

Deputy Town Clerk and Business Enterprise Manager Mickey Caira said: “Members of Hailsham Forward, including town councillors, met with the local police recently to discuss the issue of inappropriate and obstructive parking in the town centre.

“The consistent message we received from local residents was illegal parking in the town centre was a great concern to them and this was something they wanted PCSOs to have the power to deal with.

“Examples of illegal parking include situations where a vehicle parks in a dangerous position or persistently outside on double yellow lines or is blocking the road, where the public would expect the police to take action. It is only right in these circumstances that PCSOs have the ability take enforcement action if necessary.”